🏠 Latest


  • Modified the media retention settings on to cut down on object storage use. 364 GB → 104 GB
  • Retired (see: deleted) 12 unused and long-dead repositories on my GitHub account.
  • Put the Force Strong Passwords WordPress plugin up for adoption.


  • A fistful of fediblocks on


  • Set up workflow for transcribing #gmwac episodes with Whisper AI. Transcribed first five episodes.
  • Updated federation relays on
  • Added PayPal donation button to Bakersfield Burrito Project site. Fixed link to FAQ page.
  • Tested Simply Static plugin for WordPress by generating a copy of and hosting the output at
  • Import recordings from today's #gmwac session into Descript.


  • Fediblocking a whole fleet of bad actors on
  • Added some custom emojo to


  • Adding a few more fediblocks to
  • Updated #shuttlecraft instances and to pick up the weekend's changes.
  • Assembled already edited #gmwac EP 46 (Best of 2022) into releasable episode.


  • Updated what I'm listening to at
  • Co-hosted EP 443 of #WPwatercooler.
  • Updated what's been going on in my life at


  • Another day, another round of #shuttlecraft updates on and Really ought to figure out how to automate this.
  • Uploaded slides from last night's #WPNYC meetup presentation to Speaker Deck.
  • Sourced a VHS rip of "The Fantasist" for a future episode of #GMWAC. 🤫
  • Defederating from some jerks on


  • Spent a couple hours talking about the fediverse to the nice people at the #WPNYC meetup.


  • Since Tucker was AFK this week, I hosted (hit the go button, triggered intro/outro videos) the #WPwatercooler livestream.
  • Updated #shuttlecraft on and to get new preferences features.


  • Migrated the various Logic files associated with edited #gmwac episodes (~240GB) to an offsite cloud backup solution.